After five years of inactivity, thanks to the great stimulus of ICT4ELT course I’m attending, I’ve decided to retrieve this forgotten site that I opened in 2011. I set it after a train course at school, but I soon gave it up as I’ve never enjoyed showing off, exposing my thoughts to a public audience and I had no time to improve my poor technical competence.

For some days I’ve been asking to myself whether to give it a new life. Now, here I am. I have to redesign this space, even though my competences haven’t increased at all. In fact, at the time I learned some HTLM language, which I have completely forgotten.

To be honest, I must say that last two weeks I learned a lot of new things and a new world is opening to me. Though, as teachers we know that learning doesn’t mean competence… I want to be positive, that’s not always my mood, but I rely on the support of the wonderful team of educators of ICT4ELT2016 community.

What kind of blog is it going to be? At the moment I’m going to let it be a personal blog, but certainly I will have to transform it in an educational  one if I want it to survive.

I’m back